Electric forklift truck RCE 25-35

The uncomplicated one.

  • Udźwig 3500 kg
  • Wysokość podnoszenia 6500 mm
  • Prędkość 15 km/h

Does its job. Period.

Forklift is that simple.

Whenever you need to get a job done, the new RCE electric forklift truck is there when you need it. Occasional transport and stacking tasks either indoors or outdoors are just its thing. This forklift truck has everything that makes a solid helper: power, robustness, efficiency. With its high-performance AC motor, any task is completed swiftly. Good all-round visibility allows you to transport your goods easily and safely – and, if you wish, with automatically adjusted cornering speed, which further increases safety during operation. Even purchasing it is easy for you: The RCE is available at short notice, can be ordered online and is available with three pre-configured equipment packages. All of this at an attractive price with the quality and service from STILL. So, get your hands on it.

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Simply good.

The new RCE is the ideal electric forklift truck for low and medium intensity requirements. Robust and straightforward, it moves up to 3.5 tonnes to where you want them - up to a height of 6.5 metres. It is powerful, efficient and easy to maintain. Available with three pre-configured best-fit packages including different masts, it covers many typical applications and requirements. Upon request, you can also get the RCE with a full cab for outdoor use.

That's the way to work.

As if you had never driven anything else: The RCE is intuitive and easy to operate, its ergonomically shaped seat provides support and comfort, the footwell is generous and allows even taller colleagues to work without straining their legs. In general, nothing gets in the way here - and everything is always in view. Via the 4.3" display, you select your driving programme - Economy, Efficiency or Performance - where you can also see the remaining running time as well as the next service date. Simply practical: the foot-operated parking brake.

Safety à la STILL.

The RCE offers the high safety standard you expect from a STILL forklift truck. The operator's cab is designed with ergonomics and safety in mind, including a non-slip rubber mat, a large handhold and a wide step for safe entry and exit. The good all-round visibility and the STILL Safety Light provide safety in all directions. And the optional Curve Speed Control automatically reduces speed when cornering - for increased operator safety and less product breakage.

RCE 25 - 35 w szczegółach

Filozofia „Simply Efficient“ to parametry zwiększające efektywność

Simply easy

Efficient, fatigue-free operation
thanks to the ergonomically and intuitively designed operator’s cab, where all control elements are in the field of vision and can be reached easily

Ergonomic leg position and plenty of room to move
in the spacious footwell

Precise load handling and sensitive steering
thanks to the intuitive single-pedal operation and the tried-and-tested STILL multi-lever hydraulics operation

Unobstructed visibility for efficiency and safety:
large windows on all sides and narrow rear overhead guard bars make it possible to keep an eye on everything from the operator’s seat

High level of handling performance and safety
thanks to the large colour display, which clearly displays important information such as driving direction, battery level and driving programme

Comfortable in every direction:
the rear grab handle with integrated horn button ensures optimum safety and an ergonomic posture even when reversing

Simply powerful

Efficiency in the warehouse:
the RCE 25/35 can lift up to 3.5 tonnes with a load centre of 500 mm and particularly economical energy consumption

Impressive goods handling
thanks to powerful, low maintenance motors, a lifting height of up to 6.5 metres, as well as a maximum driving speed of 15 km/h – all with excellent manoeuvrability

Powerful and efficient even in tough environments
thanks to frontwheel drive and encapsulated, maintenance-free 80 V AC drive motor

Robust, long-lasting and low-maintenance:
tough materials are used for exposed components (steel instead of plastic), and there are additional covers for sensitive elements such as lights or lamps

Also ideally suited to outdoor use
thanks to high ground clearance and an optional closed operator’s cab for reliable protection against harsh weather conditions

Simply safe

Safe load handling
thanks to bend-proof and torsion-resistant mast profiles

High stability
due to the truck’s low centre of gravity

Safe driving
with the optional driver assistance function Curve Speed Control

Reliable roll-away protection
due to the mechanical, foot-activated parking brake

Comfortable getting on and off
thanks to the grab handle and nonslip step edges

See and be seen:
the RCE can optionally be equipped with further safety features, including panoramic rear-view mirrors, glass roof, sun visor or Safety Light

Simply flexible

Individual adjustment of the workplace
thanks to three spacious storage areas and an infinitely adjustable steering column

Driver comfort and ergonomic working:
the workstation can be flexibly adjusted to different operating conditions

Safe and situational load handling
with the sensitive multi-lever hydraulics operation

Simply connected

Fast service analysis and parametrisation of settings
thanks to CAN bus interface


Safe and efficient

the RCE 25 impresses with a good all-round visibility in all directions.

Robust and powerful

the RCE 35 moves loads of up to 3,500 kg through the warehouse reliably and safely.

Flexible and comfortable

the operator’s seat and steering column are infinitely adjustable, so that the cab can be quickly and easily adjusted for operators of different heights.

Good thinking

the elements of the STILL hydraulic operation are arranged so that they are convenient to use even when wearing work gloves.

Easy Access

The RCE has a spacious footwell, which ensures an ergonomic seating position and allows for easy access.

Everything at a glance

all relevant information is compiled in an easily legible format on the large colour display.

STILL charging station

Thanks to the compact STILL charging station, decentralised charging of the battery is also possible.

Keep everything safely in sight

The slim triplex mast allows for optimum visibility and lifts loads to heights of up to 6.5 metres.

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Testy wózków widłowych

Independent forklift test F+H


"STILL RCE 25: A solid basic model for routine use"

<h3>Independent forklift test F+H</h3><strong>"STILL RCE 25: A solid basic model for routine use"</strong>
Sprint over 27,2 M (s)
7,6 s
Performance Modus
7,8 s
Efficiency Mode
8,3 s
Test average
faster lifting
Lifting speed with 1000 kg load (cm/s)
37,8 cm/s
Performance Modus
37,8 cm/s
Efficiency Mode
48,6 cm/s
Test average
operating time
Practical operating time at max. battery power (min)
26 min
Performance Modus
37 min
Efficiency Mode
26 min
Test average
Driving speed with 1000 kg load (km/h)
13,7 km/h
Performance Modus
13,7 km/h
Efficiency Mode
Test average

Opcje doposażenia

Wyostrz zmysły: wesprzemy Cię, oferując szeroką gamę inteligentnych systemów i funkcji wspomagających operatora, które znacznie ułatwią Twoją codzienną pracę. Dzięki nim praca będzie niemęcząca, bezpieczniejsza, wygodniejsza i wydajniejsza - w każdej sytuacji ruchowej.


STILL SafetyLight 4plus

Wizualny system ostrzegawczy aby ograniczyć wypadki

Niebieskie światło ostrzegawcze STILL SafetyLight 4plus znacznie zwiększa bezpieczeństwo pracy w miejscach powodujących dezorientację lub w przypadku dużej ilości zakrętów. Niebieskie punkty świetlne wyświetlane są w kierunku jazdy na odległość ok. 5 m od wózka i ostrzegają o zbliżającym się urządzeniu, zapobiegając w ten sposób kolizjom.

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Kontrola pasów bezpieczeństwa

Zapięty? Jeśli nie, układ kontroli pasów bezpieczeństwa automatyczne ograniczy prędkość jazdy. W wózkach z kabiną system uruchamia się tylko wtedy, gdy drzwi kabiny są otwarte.

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Ograniczenie Prędkości na Zakrętach

Automatyczna regulacja prędkości na zakrętach

Ograniczenie prędkości zależne od kąta skrętu kierownicy zmniejsza prawdopodobieństwo uszkodzenia towaru dzięki dostosowaniu prędkości na zakręcie. Ta funkcja wspomagania dostępna jest dla wielu wózków; dostosowuje ona prędkość jazdy automatycznie w zależności od kąta skrętu kierownicy. Innymi słowy, prędkość podczas pokonywania zakrętów przestaje być zmartwieniem operatora. Wózek automatycznie zwalnia dokładnie w takim stopniu, aby operator mógł go prowadzić w sposób bezpieczny, ale szybki.

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Przegląd modelu

Maksymalny udźwig (kg)
Maksymalna wysokość podnoszenia (mm)
Prędkość jazdy (km/h)
Napięcie (V)
RCE 25 2.500 6.500 15 80
RCE 30 3.000 6.500 15 80
RCE 35 3.500 6.500 15 80


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